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Here you will find information on the Artist, Daniel Brand and his current body of work.

Please feel free to browse around. Daniel is currently working on a new collection of his trademark Nerikomi and Agateware pieces.

THE ART OF NERIKOMI ( Article on artist)

What you serve a dish on is just as important as what goes into the dish. Your experience of a meal starts with what you see. Like a frame does for a work of art, the presentation is meant to draw you closer, to make you excited about what you’re about to eat - and to celebrate food. On a recent exploration of Pretoria’s exciting artisanal scene, I visited the acclaimed ceramicist Daniel Brand to find out more about his process - and what exactly goes into creating a ceramic work of art.




Nerikomi (練り込み , lit. "kneading") is an artistic technique for creating Japanese pottery agateware. The name derives from a traditional technique of creating patterns with colored clay.[1] The technique is also called neriage (練上げ)

Using wax resist as a decorative technique has many possibilities, from shaping greenware to making a pot that has multiple layers of resist and glazes. To see some of the possibilities, look over the Wax Resist Pottery Gallery on my site coming soon.